(Recorded) Live coverage of the RoboCup 2018 in Montreal, FINALS

Mid-Size League Match Schedule

Next RoboCup World Championchip will be in Sydney. Details will be posted here. For now, see the latest news.


Who is Tech United?
Meet the team!

What is Robot Soccer?
In the RoboCup Mid-Size League, 5 robots play autonomous soccer against 5 other robots. They are programmed to operate without any control from humans during the game. They can only communicate with each other or the referee computer.

Are there Referees?
Yes, there are.
There are three referees. A main referee that enforces the Fifa rules with some RoboCup aditions. There is an assistent referee, and a 'Refbox' referee, who gives the commands from the referee to the robots.

Is there doping at Robocup?
Lieven Scheire did a test.

Our friends

RoboTeam Twente
In the Small Size League, another dutch University team is competing. They are also providing a livestream of the SSL games.
Find the stream here.


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